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Schwerpunktseminar: Experiments and Quasi-Experiments in Education Economics (Lergetporer/Piopiunik)

Philipp Lergetporer, PhD. and Dr. Marc Piopiunik

Organizational meeting: 9 February, 2018
Block seminar: 21-22 June, 2018

both will take place at the ifo Institute, Poschingerstr. 5, Oskar-Anderson-Raum


Human capital is decisive for individual success later in life and determines the devel-opment of societies as a whole. But what education policies and interventions improve student achievements, and what don’t? Should we spend scarce resources on the reduc-tion of class size, on teacher training, or on teacher pay? Is it advisable to provide par-ents with individualized feedback about their children’s school performance? Or should we pay students for academic achievements?

In this seminar, we provide an overview over the most recent economic literature on the determinants of human capital formation. The seminar focuses on recent studies which identify the causal effects of policy interventions using modern experimental and quasi-experimental methods.